On the Stage

If the characters are not ready before the curtain is raised

They are seen communicating in wild gestures, the last-minute reminder

Of the dialogues and positions, one has to take

Some of the poseur’s fill-up the gaps to create a distraction

What if the curtains were raised a little later

Everything would have seemed different

The stage will witness the transformation

Various stages of a story will be narrated; each with unique characters

That is how the world seems to change

After walking out of that door

Sometimes dreamy, nonchalant, at times too curious, and helpful too

Some competitions are abrasive- hurting the soul of life

Why jostle for space when many places are abandoned and lonely

Looking to fit into an inch of space in a crowded place

When ideas are being crafted to fit a limited consciousness

Designed to agree with the conformities

The curtain is raised and everyone is unprepared

Definitely, there will be a daily commotion to determine everything

Only time will tell how the events will transform the characters


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