The Uncomfortable Questions

What was so terrifying about the empty spaces

The apprehensions about someone who never thought like everyone

A sudden change of direction was necessary to deviate

Why the exaggerations were preferred over the simple explanations

Then wrapped in harshness and a language of extreme nature

That altered the tongue, not in a favourable manner

Why were the verdant areas filled with hot desert sands

The winds must have been influenced by rage and crazy intentions

Why the feet complain about the severe blisters

About the rough paths which run scornfully through once settled territories

What was the inclination towards a dumb self-destruction

Everything was in abundance, yet the greedy hearts felt inadequate

What was the reason for the fiercest choices to initiate ruination

Searching for the remedies for the pallor life and weaknesses

Why cannot the children feel the pristineness anymore

It is not what they wish to dream, or even, carry on with that past


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