Mysterious Journey

It is true that dreams can unfold some mysterious events

An unknown environment has people telling their story

Like a cinema which has different characters

Dreams become that big-screen where the stories will be shown

They may not be audible but the passion says more than words

Sometimes, it is an enigma, why such lengthy dreams appear

Before the anonymous eyes; of which the mind has also not imagined

Where could the life, as depicted in the scenes, must have occurred

Is the dreamer related in any way to the characters of the soundless cinema

Strange ways, they appear before this reality, as if some anomaly has blurred the space between two realities

It could be the trick of nature to allow different realities to meet

Even if for a brief moment, in a state of deep consciousness

Sleep has always been an enigma, like a detached universe that blooms in the mind

From some unknown reality, the mind must have birthed

Even sleeplessness has numerous realities to reveal

It is not about being suspicious about it, but it fails to explain after one wakes up

Sometimes forgotten, sometimes vivid images are there forever

While sleep is not only about a surrender, but a journey across realities

Chances are, most of them will be forgotten, except the nightmares

Or, some pleasant stories that run quite deep into the consciousness will stay

This life is cryptic, the being controlled by the will of the multiverse

Where, at the crossroads, we may be floating around aimlessly

No wonder, it is difficult explaining everything with a language

Finding a purpose, just running around under the influence of servile ideologies

Miscommunications are common, feelings sceptical, a mind beyond comprehension

So much of the unknown makes human arrogance a joke

Many clues that have been left behind were disassembled

Their replicas are a human interpretation, way behind the enigmatic consciousness



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