Far Off

I wander off way too far

It’s uncomfortable being in the zone

Leaving no traces of my steps

Not a metaphorical journey

A real escape to find freedom

It might be in the mind

Is not the mind a universe?

Leaving footsteps on firm land

May not yield that pleasure

Whether it is wilderness

The most crowded attractions

Another universe is less travelled

I am forgetful

A trait that is unpardonable

Talkativeness is noticed

Communication that is preferred

No, it is not my arrogance

If I fail to reply or notice everything

There it leads me somewhere

The visions at an appropriate time

Urges me to lose myself

Disconnect and journey further

It will be easy to forget my presence

My words won’t be read either

Maybe, I will forget to invite

My fault; that I have surrendered

To an unknown reality

Where it all started, I know not

Wish I could explain the knot

Of a world that perplexes itself

My words may be inconspicuous

Neither artistic nor crafted delicately

What do I know?

When I miss the pulse of this journey

There must be a disconnect

With the kind of expectations

That creativity is seeking

It could be a murmur or terse rejection

Obey, or you can take a stroll forever

Let’s not stop pontificating

The cliches sound more interesting

Lest I forget the journey

My purpose that I seek in this


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