Another Day

Everything comes to a grinding halt

A systematic pattern that runs it all

Fall, through the laboured corridors

Complicated intersections of society

Different roles with matching thoughts

Given an identity to live up to them

Mornings greet with new tricks

Sets the pace of a day, still unnamed

Hoping, that today will be different

Not of inconvenienced profits and rush

The mirror poses a grave conversation

Another day of a fumbling reflection

There are dreams that are neglected

Tasks distributed has to be accepted

Motionless days still creep ahead

Recesses are erased rather hastily

Streets knock on the door frantically

Aligned dreams will follow the steps

Only morsel of dreams is available

In-between, there are new aspirations

Stolen moments of brief imaginations

Novice translations of deep thoughts

Will have to return after a tiring day

Revisit the mistakes and odd sentences

There are compulsions of given tasks

The situations are like oil and water

After spending all day in pursuit

There will be that last effort to toil

During the most silent moments

Only to be snatched away by dawn


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