The Identity Struggles

I don’t know if anything lengthy is relevant anymore. The paucity of time, lack of interest, and some inevitable changes have shifted the consciousness. Our concept of time has become even more vulnerable. Some changes are natural, while the majority of them are thrust upon us. Few think and educate them on how to think! The thinking culture then spreads like a powerful ripple and compels everybody to think similarly.

Narrowing down the premises of thinking space has been crafted with some well thought of ideas and phoney beliefs. Even if someone wakes up at the quietest moment, there is a lingering fear of interacting with inner desires. As if the subconscious mind is under a spell of fear and reacts to the environment of psychoses.

What conspires in such a private moment, that one starts disbelieving the innate thoughts and trusts the extrinsic ideologies that have been continuously reinforced through various medium. Almost at all times of the waking hour, an individual is monitored by these ideologies and changes the inherent behaviour. If that is achieved, then it is easier controlling the pattern of thoughts, the type of reactions, and interpretations of life. That is the surrender of the individual to the strong influences of a majoritarian culture.

Your identity is to be identified with only those narrow ideologies that you are to believe in and reiterate. Yes, being repetitive and overriding the natural abilities to think differently and in a more comprehensive manner is more rewarding. The plethora of cliches that are piling up in the mind obfuscates the consciousness. To remain in perpetual confusion and self-doubt trouble the mind and also limits the scope of thinking for oneself and self-recovering from the traumatic repetitiveness of existence.

Why do you have to exist, when you can live freely? The misnomer that ‘freedom’ has become, can only be traced to the history of an existential dilemma caused by such self-limiting and narrowing premises of existence. When your mind, consciousness and subliminal territories are eroded by the massive surge of reprogramming the natural algorithm of an individual’s identity, you can only limit to those thought processes that are assigned. Every day, there is a set of task one has to complete, to inevitably get a new identity approved by the set standards.

The lunacy of a freethinker is being written in demeaning words. Those who seek freedom from the crowded thoughts are either ostracised or coerced to comply with the agenda. When that fails, the segregation and abuses are used as a weapon to destroy that mind and identity. The culture of abuses, like trolling, mental and physical abuse, and all type of devious behaviour, is in fact, promoted and appropriated by the large sections of society, who are deployed as vigilantes. There is no bigger contradiction we live in as we have created a belief system which wildly contradicts the natural laws of life. 


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