Some Clarity

Some days appear cleaner- washed away by the overnight rain

All the debris and worries; human misapprehensions and mistrusts

Disappear, as the rains dream of a new beginning

It may be gloomier and quieter, but how peaceful in stillness

A difficult night washed by Providential rains looks like a child praying

Even for a brief moment, the vagaries of humanity feels distant

Now the innocent souls can watch the beautiful dreams bloom

Let the cloudiness be there across the skies

Hoping from some more rains; a prayer will flow to cosmic realms


10 thoughts on “Some Clarity

    1. Happy Independence Day, Kunal. India has to collectively think, as to what freedom means for us and shape a better future for generations to come. We are all answerable to the future generations and have to act responsibly! Let that be a reminder every day!

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