Often Repeated

You can steal the colours from a painting

Mastery cannot be imitated

Ideas can be stolen and propagated

The interpretations will be flawed

Sarcasm is always original

From emaciated minds, they ooze

Language slips through the perforated tongue

Just to be heard and taken seriously

Or jealous about pure reasons

Those who spend their life comprehending

A life with the deepest compassion

Highlight the flaws of humanity

Steal that too- the exact interpretations

Without feeling weak or shameful

Join the souls who dare to speak the truth

Instead of being in the middle of nowhere

Proving allegiance to a common belief

A unity of convenience- a reliance

For being pulled in forcefully

Steal the mistakes without balming

While facing the consequences

Steal from the masters and thinkers

But doubt them of their intentions

Ridicule yourself, feel satiated

Dilute reasons in morbid humour




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