Difficult Space

Unapologetic objects jostle for space

They have been established to vie for glory

All-weather skin- nothing penetrates

Especially the critical thoughts and woes

Of human emotions and subtle dreams

Once they hit the walls, they are turned away

Dwelling in them, decorating the corners

Is a suffocating experience- but that’s a reality

Perrenial storms of ego and angst

Among vitriol and fight for existence

There is the truth of self-destruction

A futile search for peace- almost a war

Between the soul, mind, and world

Hostility and hypertoxic  justifications

Deep divisions run through the ages

Never mended or healed by love

Always exploited- enslaved minds enact

The desperation of power- biggest weakness

Suffering is brought upon society

All become objects of ridicule

Intolerance and  broken promises

Infernal territories and misdirected paths

Sutured trust barely survive the strifes


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