Looking for Something

I would nurture the feeble dreams

Allow life to breathe some consciousness

Souls would not blossom

For lack of profundity in daily rigours

Only shadows, weakening life

Life gasping for air- some fresh air

Communications- the art of misdirection

Eloquent, but can rarely be trusted

In an echo chamber of arrogance

Pandering to deceitful ideologies

Truth, we want truth- echoes everywhere

Lack of it, or a few fancy stories

Nothing learnt, but oft-repeated

Unsettling history of conflict upheld in vain

Only I can choose to look there

Where my soul truthfully directs me

Towards those feeble dreams

For they will bring freedom


6 thoughts on “Looking for Something

  1. Nice one, Amitav. You might have read the poem by Edgar Allan Poe, ‘A Dream Within A Dream’. One of my all time favorites of Poe. The fine line between reality and dreams is so beautifully expressed as he says goodbye to a lady. One could literally feel Poe in this poem. And slightly different from his usual dark and macabre ones.

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    1. Thank you so much, Deepa. It really means a lot. Oh yes, these are my favorite lines from the poem-
      “I stand amid the roar
      Of a surf-tormented shore,
      And I hold within my hand
      Grains of the golden sand–
      How few! yet how they creep
      Through my fingers to the deep,
      While I weep–while I weep!
      O God! can I not grasp”
      As you rightly pointed out, it was not usually Poe and his dark themes. This was different.

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      1. Poe’s works are a treasure. His mind, the depth of his consciousness and his ability to understand human sentiments and beyond is phenomenal. A lot of people I have noticed cannot really interpret his work. He was brilliant!

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