Sense of Unconscious Reality

The inability to mask the truth with credible lies can be exasperating and a sense of inadequacy creeps in. While natural light energises the senses, the surrounding discrepancies act as depressants. There are many solutions concocted through forceful human interventions; the ability to identify, split and alter the chemical nature of reality through regular dosages of experimental self-destruction. It does happen slowly, but the intensity and desire to transform the inherent structures and knowledge base of a human can not only be disastrous but also initiate the era of diminished immunity from the infectious ideas.

There could be a natural inclination of minds to conceive such ideas only (barring the intrinsic defence mechanism) and transfer the similarly altered hereditary behaviours. All such deviations may always be euphoric during the experimental disasters (but quite naturally suppressed) that can isolate the natural traits, destroy them completely, and create a new type of behavioural anomalies.

The degree of fatalistic ideas is split into various scopes! More results that satisfy the altered minds, are replicated industriously and injected into the parallel system of survival.

That man cannot have a restful sleep is a sinister idea to disturb the dreams. A mind cannot settle down at the end of a laborious day; trying to navigate the demoralising challenges thrown at an individual can be fatal. The idea is to create a simulation of a connected existence that can be manipulated and altered through various channels. Life is stabilised with the impotent ideas- one cannot rationalise, justify, judge, and express individual thoughts. Either this or that – there is a fallacy of multiple choices, but they lead to a common purpose to adhere to the principles of powerless existence.

False appearances and the masked agendas push away the reality and weaken the sensory perceptions. Why everyone is rushing towards an implanted idea without thinking is essentially due to a mass exodus from the realm of truth towards an altered reality. The blueprint of the maze is quite sophisticated to lure away the collective consciousness.

Anyone talking about the unaltered truth is perceived to be a hypocrite and a fiend. The belief system is monitored through the lenses and thoroughly scrutinised for any residue of that natural ability to think (in accordance with the intrinsic values of existence) and destroy the ability to develop an immune system to fight the effects of an altered reality. In an altered state of existence, when perceptions fail, there is a persistent hallucination that creates a fatal identity crisis.


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