The Metaphors Fail to Impress

When you fail to balance between the esoteric creative genius and create a metaphorical wall around your creations, a conflicting space emerges from the reflections. A mind is no doubt being spoken of so carelessly till now because it yields so many rich ideas which fail to resonate with the weak frequencies of life.

Language is supposed to translate the most critical thoughts, but it is also not fairly treated due to casual temperament of communications. While language is intriguing, attuned to the culture, and also to the frequency of ideas that emerge from the myriad communications. Prone to distortions and misinterpretations (especially the vocabulary that is rarely used or scant knowledge of etymology), and also the idea of using the least amount of words to express the complex thoughts. There is definitely the human need to tell stories, to communicate, but a reticent attitude to include language expansively.

Literary writings, creative writings, and poetic pieces are embellished with carefully chosen words; they are like an extravagant architecture sculpted and painted with the creative chisel, that is the pen. The fact that tourists still throng the beautiful paintings, sculptures, and elegant architecture not only because of their historical importance but also for their luxurious and elaborate creativity. Similarly, a piece of writing, not always thought of in a similar sentiment or reflected upon in such a fashion, suffers the ignominy of neglect.

While brilliance is usually perceived to be an extravagant waste of time; many writers, poets, and artists have been ostracised for their lifelong struggle to create something phenomenal for the mundane world. It is like creating new species of flowers to add some ostentatious elements to the bland narrative. Such meditative dedication, the revulsion towards the ordinary and deliberate criticism from a society that misunderstood their incredible selfless pursuit pushed them to the fringes of a society dealing with laborious inanities.

The information age is a misnomer because there are less credible information and more criticisms. Everyone becomes a connoisseur, a scholar, and critic based on that outrageous deluge of information available everywhere. That is where the actual ‘slush pile’ of mediocrity keeps increasing. Not being aware of the nuances of creativity, the genius of an artist pushes the creative world away from the present time; the eulogy, admiration, and recognition come in retrospect. It is like an apology too late for failing to understand the rich narrative of genius minds.

A critical society abhors the complexities of language, the intricacies of art, and a culture of fair-mindedness towards artists. Being critical without devoting time to the study of creativity creates frivolous critics. Their sole aim is to push the agenda of mediocrity and add to the flourishing hopelessness of the information age. Little chunks of knowledge and information can satiate the mind, but it also dulls the perspective and the ability to understand the rich metaphors of life.


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