At The End of The Day

At the end of the day, only those words remain

Which were picked up casually from passersby

Unknown context, the origin of thoughts, and language

There is plenty of vagueness in fragmented communications

What challenges you to settle the puzzle?

Tiredness sets in and a night ruined by incoherence

You may be waiting for clarity

By creating an entire world from these stories

Some of them may be insults from a  frustrated man

Carrying resentment against the world

Turning his back from the little dwelling

Every day, following the routine- between destinations

Connected by a crowded bridge

Somewhere quiet, away from all the noise

Experiments continue, to make life complicated

Can life be comprehended in a laboratory?

In a controlled environment

Creating an uncertain environment- a cocoon of theories

Wiser lives in penury; away from the experiments

Accumulation of experimental modernity

Slowing the frequency of consciousness

Inventing trouble and inviting them

Unable to disconnect from the experimental network

Probably, even sleep is induced with artificial dreams


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