There is a true sense of freedom in solitariness. It is about giving a chance to a soul to strengthen itself to realise a greater purpose of existence. A worthwhile time or moments to discriminate between the useful and unpurposeful thoughts. It is necessary to discriminate and challenge the frivolous thoughts that occupy the mind and drives it towards insanity that disguises itself in vanity. Profane thoughts unsettle the mind, influences it to engage in experiences that have already been tried before and sullied the conscience. It is an irreverent pursuit to contribute to organised chaos. It becomes difficult to identify and live without an identity- an egotistic existence to create one. Sometimes, the false identity, created with the deflected and superficial perceptions, becomes extremely powerful and certainly wrecks the purposeful chaos that rhythms with the universe. For not being proud of being a part of the infinite existence, that truth that the soul nourishes or wish to nurture to strengthen its ability to communicate and comprehend the messages. It is a greater failure to not realise the greater purpose of life compared to the temptations of living up to the expectations of a weak reality. It is such a foul trap that one falls into that it becomes an existential crisis. The entire life becomes a futile struggle, a predicament brought upon thyself and habitually blaming the corrupt ecosystem created by the follies of mankind. Why consider yourself to be so weak and helpless when the entire universe wishes to send the messages of worthwhile existence? Depraved dreams can only bring misery. What kind of healing can one hope for during the greedy and impulsive existence? Solitariness is not damnation, and there is no reason to believe that it is a deliberate attempt to subjugate the soul. It is about choosing the path to ultimate freedom to discriminate between the negative and positive energies.


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