Uneasy Contemplations

There are easy contemplations

Leaning towards a vulnerable reality

A chaotic intensity with conviction

When all the lamps have been broken

Frantically looking for some light

Lost pathways in accidental darkness

Conundrums and connivance

No ordinary weakness, only fatal

Unable to disentangle from the events

Intemperate world enigmatically stays


5 thoughts on “Uneasy Contemplations

    1. Thank you so much, Andrea. You’ve always been a wonderful support. Always a pleasure to receive your comments. As I move ahead in this journey, I look forward to your encouraging comments. 🙂

      Wishing you a great day, Andrea!


    1. While we move ahead at a frantic pace, the guiding lights are either extinguised or their frailness barely gives clarity.

      As we here in India celebrate Diwali, the festival lights, that is tommorrow and day after, I wish there is abundance of light to dispel the darkness and let the joyous lights help us reflect on our journey ahead. Wishing you good times!

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