Not Much To Read

Incommunicable conversations are being presented daily. Reams of paper wasted on the storytelling process that leads nowhere. It all gathers somewhere, crowded, and claustrophobically settled there, in a space designated for them.

Experiences are commonly perceived through a similar vision. A little difference here and there according to the changing milieu. Uttered prematurely, the stories lose significance and body of feelings. It is difficult identifying their clarity and purpose.

The characters do not convey much; they are frantically sketched, with a feeble ink. There are indistinct outlines and appear quite unsure. It is another thing to speak of a vision with carefully chosen vocabulary, but there is also the inalienable character that does not speak as fluently as expected.

The daily exchanges from a distance, an uncomfortable one, take away the seriousness of the topic. As if the words are being calculatingly moved around in a game of chess. Taking pleasure in the discomfiture the readers; a deliberate manipulation of the mind to lure them to the blurry characters.

Trying to gain sympathy through awkward storytelling and being incommunicado or deliberately presenting a chosen side of the human insecurities. There are abundant ways to manipulate and extract some sympathy from speculative scenarios.

Values have been in the abyss for a long time, and the fallen characteristics are quite evident. A kind of transformation that leads us towards a battlefield. There, men lose their patience over the lack of clarity, values, and indecisiveness. The exaggerated narratives of experiences resemble a chaotic world.

A powerful mind residing in a fragile body is difficult taking care of. The stories of experiences lose their relevance as they are narrated without deep consciousness. Incomprehensible situations are translated inadequately in the most garish vocabulary.


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