Transition and Reality

A kind of transition is possible only when the world is asleep; it is not one can dream of or anticipate. Even the sharpest intuitions fail to perceive the outcome of such a change. There is nothing contrived about the event that occurs. The abstract images gather, change colour and accomplish a new reality. While worrying about the spaces and crowded realities, there seems to be a special type of alignment that takes place.

Time circumvents the human consciousness to achieve the desired transformation. The universe does not keep anyone awake over the events that it decides secretly. Nothing stirs in between the pauses of time; yes, the time has to think about the nature of patterns the universe dreams of. A deep consciousness is at work and communicates the plan in detail. Revealing the cosmic detail to align and inspire the right kind of energy to achieve the dream.

For those moments do not rely on the human way of thinking. There is a deliberate dissimilarity between the two realities. Universal conflicts are real and arise from a sense of antipathy which prevails in the lengthy existence of human intellect. Being provided with the most complex and yet an extremely simplified truth, there are numerous boundaries, burdens and disagreements over them. It is about trying to deny the existential relationship and forging a more flawed and over-simplistic argument with a certain kind of arrogant consent, either taken willingly or forcefully.

Silence before such a profound transition is mysterious and unnerving. Only those few souls who can at least feel the unique vibration and changes in the rhythm of life. This is not about the diurnal changes, but the one conceived from orderly chaos of energy.

The human consciousness has come too far without the comprehension of the universe’s will and nature of a path it will choose to create in the eternal cycle of existence. It is not only about human existence, but the entire stability of the core of cosmic consciousness. Dreams that appear can only whisper in an alien language and take the sleepy world through a metaphorical journey, but the events that follow will be real.

We falter in defining reality! The immediate is inconclusive, the collective is indecisive, and the persistent inability to think beyond because boundaries are etched for conformations. In spite of all the arguments, theories, psychological and philosophical debates and ideologies, there still exists a condescending struggle to defy the truth.


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