Not Unknown

It is not unknown that most precious ideas are still mystifying

Only barely the consciousness touches the realm of life, an existential compromise

Little ideas self-destruct after forming certain objects to fill the void

Veiled storytelling- only to hide the scepticism that arises from uncertainties

Every day it is a struggle to find new ways to manipulate the reality

It is unsustainable, the core values cannot withstand the pressures of eternal

Little victories, the essential beliefs, and fearful acceptance of a future

All that has been given away in the rush of life- the volatile ideas continue


8 thoughts on “Not Unknown

    1. Humans can think beyond the sublunary and can achieve much more than that. We have the capability to transcend this stifling boundary. When I used the term ‘small victory’ in my poem, in this context, was used in a censuring tone.

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      1. In the continuum of things our role is quite minuscule. Yes, we have the consciousness to think and create, but we also know how to destroy, that too without reason. We have to share the responsibility rather than considering our role to be supreme to stabilise the universe. There is so much we still not know, and speculate upon, compared to the knowledge we really have. We have to extend the vision to see beyond all this. Continuous learning and understanding the universe and our relationship with it is the ultimate necessity.

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      2. That’s true, I will not deny the day to day realities that we have to live with . I was referring to the poem and in which context I was thinking. This is a collective thinking of all the possibilities that philosophy and psychology has to offer or prompts me to think. Many ideas are displaced and disintegrate before new consciousness emerges.

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    1. Thank you so much. Knowledge and wisdom will not fail you, ever. It all starts with self-knowledge, self-awareness, and then choose the path deemed suitable to reach a destination. Knowledge is eternal, there’s so much to learn every day, every second. Through queries and delving into the world of knowledge we have to break the contrived boundaries of this worldly reality. I am happy that you wish to pursue that path and you ave my sincere wishes.

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