Above Contradictions

Every day is a struggle as you are forced to compromise with your defence mechanisms. Your feelings are taunted and badgered to create a delusional environment; you will feel inadequate and start believing the barrage of lies which manage to seed the mind with doubtful beliefs.

The kind of design laid out across the numerous intersections, the hurdles, and obstructions become hazardous for freedom. It is not about struggles anymore, but a much deeper malaise of a faulty ecosystem. You are being enabled with numerous challenges (much devious than you can perceive) that not only occupy your life but also ousts your innate beliefs and sense of identity.

Even before the senses get a chance to evolve right after birth, the impediments are placed to create an array of convoluted thoughts. Either you take that route of unethical compromises of giving up your freedom or face the ostracisation of the collective reality. Since almost everyone is somewhat convinced about the ‘only way’ of existence, the ‘other’, the more conscious way of living is considered an ‘ideal fatalism’. It is believed ‘too good to be true’, an alternative, where true consciousness and compassion enhances the quality of feelings.

Emotions arise from feelings, and if your heart, the revered place from where feelings emerge depends on the sanctity of that space. If the defences are still in place and impervious to those barrages of nonsense, that space can give you a sense of contentment and allow you to grow consciously. Growing consciously and ageing are not similar! For we can see the indecisiveness and the impulsive choices not only destroy the immune system, but also leave a deep sense of daily resentment.

There is a deliberate attempt to discriminate and create a belief system where anyone who does not conform to the diktats is considered to be inadequate. A hollow is carved out by the ruthless spades of daily offensive from the rather fractured ecosystem; the noisiest and most indecently powerful get innumerable chances to corrupt the impressionable minds.

An undesirable parallel reality and numerous corollaries still do not shake up the latent minds. The situation has been entirely twisted grotesquely to stifle the chances of escaping the reckless disintegration. Accompanied by the challenges of cultural misappropriations and deliberate destruction of relics from highly conscious minds.

Nothing is cryptic as it is instilled in the minds of the collective, but the truth is pervasive. The challenges are the conflicts and comparisons, the hideous way to suppress the natural thought process. As long as the senses are engaged in a self-destructive conflict, the spiral of disintegration is going to become vicious and unrepentant.


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