The Common Tiredness

Dubious outcomes are not uncommon

Wrapped in insincere embellishments

Broadcasting an auspicious future

At the intersection of human feelings and electronic interference

Only inference possible is that of exaggerated announcements

Scripted like an oddly shaped vest to envelop the mind

Since the arrival of seasons have altered, even, misappropriated

Fruits of such laborious diatribes are insipid

The world does not feel illuminated, but it still rages beneath

Morning not blissful enough as it used to be

Fear seeped into the essential layers of consciousness

Is that the origin of a narcissistic syndrome?

This ‘I, Me, and Myself’ are what stories are made of

The entire narrative altered due to miscalculations

Who could have leapt out of the fire and intense scrutiny?

Probably, little pastures of Paradise still exists

Commonly discussed stories are of intellectual nature


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