What are the Consequences?

Even if you think you are alone with your thoughts, it is not as simple as that. They seem to enshroud the moment with fierce voices which you were unaware of. It can challenge you with your communication. Not necessarily being the finest orator can help you settle the voices and make them feel at ease. I have seen the most vociferous ones cannot come out unscathed from those times; they find it a harrowing experience. They say, “It’s easier arguing with the nonsense of the daily world.” I feel the alleged routine, the compulsions to follow them from an early age, kills the spontaneity to deal with naturally occurring thoughts. In a way, the preconditioning of the mind transforms the consciousness to react in a methodical way. This is crucial to absorb the education that is necessary to deal with the human system of adhering to the more or less comfortable way of carrying on with life’s duty.

Whether it is a responsible way of dealing with life can open new avenues for discussion and a philosophical and moral argument will follow. It is quite scary to think of life through the intricate maze of philosophy, and more so when psychological theories are thrown at the fragile window of the mind. It becomes quite laborious to deal with the daily validations that we seek and try maintaining that character developed by the enforced education.

The chapters and episodes with a strict recess are not an enjoyable experience. This pattern is etched on the mind and alters the consciousness forever. Thus starts a lifelong struggle to suppress the innate feelings and encourage the systemic surrender to the daily of an alternative type. The narrow passages allow only as many thoughts if they are not thought to be rebellious enough to question the present state of affairs. The authority to change and strike down any routine, and come up with an even more boring one is the prerogative of the chosen few. Chosen by us of course! We would like to believe that their authority to be of the optimum nature and will help us glide through the system of existence.

How systematically we are becoming feebler and our inability to deal with those ‘alone moments’, the crucial time when you can be closer to yourself and discover the dormant characteristics of your soul. An unawakened soul pushing through the routine labyrinth becomes weaker and feels dissatisfied every moment. Surreptitiously, detrimental thoughts create hurdles for us to falter and get entangled with a power-draining experience. Such dissatisfactions at a personal level are amplified through the aberrant behaviours of fear, depression, and intolerance.

There is no conducive environment for the mind to become conscious and healthy. Yet, we are trying to find a systematic treatment to heal the mind, when we cannot decipher or deny the early impact of an incorrect thought process. Consciousness is a wonderful stimulant, but we try to tranquillize it with the synthetic concoctions. Nothing is more sinister than the clear obfuscation of life, a deliberate attempt to discourage a healthy mind and life. Should we allow this to vitiate the future when there are numerous technological windows have mushroomed to portray a life-altering scenario with advanced algorithms?


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