To The Night

The night flounders at the prospect of eerie lights Somewhere, there are conspiracies being thought of Dreams of another kind arise from an esoteric world A journey it will be, the reality of a metaphorical road Ensconced life wishes to sleep, but there’s no plan Uncertain times, but a reality that emerges from it With new stories, folklore, and echoes of antiquity ~Amitav Continue reading To The Night

Bernardine Evaristo

Controversies such as this are irresponsible. Who scripts such narratives, especially, while talking about the literary world and the achievements of writers/authors, poets have to be delved into further. It is not trivializing the accomplishments of an author, an individual, after all the recognition she has due to her work? Here I am talking about the latest fiasco, where BBC (The British Broadcasting Corporation) anchor … Continue reading Bernardine Evaristo

Those Stories

Arcane meanings prepare the chapter of life A lot of mystery surrounds them… of naysayers’ efforts Weaving an alternative tale, a new vocabulary Chronicles that are invalidated by the other world Simply trying to narrate ambiguous stories to naive listeners Tales of suspicious heroism, the rise and fall of individuals Who can corroborate them… time erases consciousness What about those meanings, the signs, untold narratives … Continue reading Those Stories