The Possible Distractions

After all the ages have rushed past, the experiences and misadventures, you still cannot navigate the mind’s landscape, because you do not know the path well. Never conscious of the expanding reality, the essence to feel is taken away by hyperexcitation about the external distractions from the not so able minds. They come up with the most divisive and discriminatory ideologies to weaken the relationship you have with your mind. Blame the overgrowth of nonsensical ideas and their strict network to strangle your dreams. How indistinct and secondary the mind becomes when there is a delusional euphoria of misappropriating life. Everyone wishes for a different outcome to the similar experiences available for the undeciphered life. Yes, mostly, the chaos is about misconstruing yourself and subjugating individuality. The entire canvas is filled with grotesque images of human misapprehensions and afflictions of a debilitating type. The situation never abates but becomes more aggravating, and the vicious cycle continues. While such destruction and self-depreciation is thought of as the most ideologically apt change to usher changes, the roots of evil already have grown deeper and stronger. There is the peril of further diabolical experiences being propagated as the cult of mass delusion continues. Much bigger than the personality crisis, the individual is diminished to a feeble image staring at a giant distorted mirror. Your mind is being seduced by the most impotent ideas and dangerous thoughts seeded at the same time. The type of freedom available is not only a misnomer but also pushes you towards a greater risk of self-harm. Being subjugated in a cunning way feels rewarding for the indisciplined and wayward life. It soon wears off, the hallucinations become a reality while you renege on the responsibility of finding your true spirit, a lost traveller, who cannot find the way through a hazy mind. Your imagination, creativity, and ability to narrate a story which you believe in becomes impossible. The distractions and demonisation are for real, and every little narrative henceforth becomes a sad reflection of those profane ideologies. Even the child is not spared the excruciating devaluation of life. Therefore, staring at a bleak future!


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