Without Introspection

More than the inability to introspect, it is also the misapprehensions and misconceptions surrounding this experience that effectively keeps away an individual from initiating the experience. Yes, it is an experience, a sole journey of myriad experiences guided by the consciousness.

There is a strong chance of being delusional at the onset of this journey because so many falsehoods already occupy the crevices of the mind. The estranged relationship between the mind and consciousness creates a vulnerable space, wherein, the individual alienates the outer character, pulls away further from the inner reality to shape life with the easily available information (that which arises from the daily grind, and necessarily from the situations, we as a community get into due to the choices we make) creates a grand disillusionment.

Life becomes discouraging from the daily negative affirmations; it becomes a complex existential crisis for the self and society when these daily validations from the mistaken identities and surreptitiously curated. Majority of the consciousness is ambushed by misinformation from dangerously failed experimentation.

There is immense pressure to experiment with life without even introspecting- understanding its philosophy and the genesis of this form and purpose. How unfortunate the successes have been when everything is so vulnerable and falls apart due to mere resistance and uprising of human misdeeds. Filled with compromises, the valiant effort to steal life from reality has been a major reason for the existential dilemma.

Without introspection, you are nowhere near the precincts of reality. All the boundaries have been drawn, limits of the human consciousness (due to lack of reasoning, shying away from the truth, and being volatile) the quality of expression suffers and are mostly inadequate. Even while reading essential literature on philosophy and psychology, there are many misinterpretations and erroneous explanations.

Language can be impressive, but the core content of the essays lack depth and multifaceted reflections. They rely on instruments of deception and distraction! It is easier attracting the gullible minds with a falsified dream; it looks tempting, but finally creates dangerous perceptions. The question is, “Why are you willing to be misled than being carefully introspective and taking decisions consciously?”  The significant repetitions of falsified ideologies are stagnating the course of this journey.


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