When Everything Wakes Up

Rarely the morning sound melodious at early hours Drowned in despised air, like a thick cloud of sinister age Who shall wake up to this reality and abandon sleep? Drowsy feelings wish to hold on to the ethereal time Only to transcend above the chaos to feel a real world Mindful of irksome darkness that is yet to go away Thinking of a day passing … Continue reading When Everything Wakes Up

The Course

Less importance to the noteworthy narratives Naysayers’ steer the discourse, which is coarse Straining and compelling everyone to relate To the unrelatable genre of outrageous stories Loudness frustrate the finer senses- chaotic Spasms of a world filled with futile conversations Contempt for reasons and daily chants of freedom Waiting for the world to renew the golden times Natures rhymes without careening out of control Looking … Continue reading The Course