A Time Away from Time

When I decided on the infrequent visits

Started contemplating in silence

My mind became aware of the noise

From the other side, another dimension

All these elements that I am of

I cannot deny, but hope to balance them

Find a synergy- a route of self-awareness

Some of the realisations will be uneasy

On the settled consciousness

Which has forgotten to experience

Without interference and prodding

A hardened perception is stifling

Cages the freedom that I deserve

It is not about the East or West

Hoping to find that celestial light

Bridging my existence and doubt

Above the clouds, I can breathe

Comprehend with my eyes

Also, the mind that is detached

Beyond suspicion and feebleness

Interrupting the daily manipulations

Segregate them, discriminate

Between reality and illusions

Understand my being, and breathe

The untainted air, tread landscapes

Pristine and welcoming- all seasons

Definitions are memorised

Rhythms are unfelt and dishonest

I abhor the callous times

My abode helps me recuperate

From the false perceptions

Affecting my life and existence

Time to frequent the truth

Feel the phenomenal change


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