It is not Difficult to Pause

Not everyone appreciates silence

Feels unnecessary to look up at the changing sky

The clout of words subdues inner desires

Cunningly narrates some concocted stores

They all are diversions- numerous ways to reconcile

With lies, imperfect perceptions, and fallacies

Intricately entwines with life, like a serpent

What has altered hearts so much?

Souls find it impossible communicating

Convincing the heart to choose a different path

Something ordinary, peaceful, and beautiful

Where life feels charming and mirthful

Darkness can be described in a new way

In a more serene tone; speaking of stars

Whispering silence perfect for the soul

A space to dream under celestial splendour

Not being impatient anymore

Worrying about the morning

Trying to impress and challenge the day

False narratives are always vicious

It is wise to pause and dream alone


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