To Be Really Awake

Lingering doubt about the time this soul really awakens

Is it the morning that I can look at leisurely

At a time when a world outside is riddled with unreasonable doubts

It takes time and patience to recognize my presence

After a hiatus, ensconced in  a comfortable darkness

I think of escaping the suffering emanating from the chaos

Searching for a nothingness, comforting emotions, and patience

Hoping that the world will slow down- days won’t be pestered

What kind of being wants to trouble the tranquillity?

Make it a passion to unsettle everything; human emotions, especially

Without pretending anymore in front of my reflection

I wish to answer myself, my soul and purpose in life


5 thoughts on “To Be Really Awake

    1. The trouble is that there are more trouble seekers and troublemakers. A reality that is designed on trouble, either created (mostly so) or else, the trouble from unseen reality because our senses aren’t capable of anticipating the challenges and how to react.

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