Poetry and a Poet’s World

Poetry may not be ostentatious enough for many. The serious metaphors may weigh too heavily on the prevailing thoughts. A middling narrative has become so prominent and accepted that one cannot penetrate or break into the complexities. Is it a mere rhythm of familiar expressions or some sense of an acceptable and easily identifiable tone?

I know that reality becomes more real when it is blaring and presented with only the complaint language. What happens to creativity that is eager to blend in rather than be distinguished enough to survive the anguish of usual expressions.

Also, poetry is not about darkness alone, not the terribly portrayed in frugal language, sans the colourful metaphors that can transform darkness into an intriguing experience. There are so many facets of darkness, but all that is popular do not justify the real shade. One has to surrender to the light and darkness without fear; metaphors will appear like a magical experience. Poetry is magical and cryptic; one line of poetry can be interpreted in myriad different ways, depending on the culture of art in that particular region. It is relatable only after delving deeper into the metaphors and language.

If a reader expects poetry to reveal everything in the most uninspiring and blunt language, it can only survive that moment; beyond that, the poetry will be expunged from memory. Waiting for a lasting impression, poetry that will navigate the mind and slowly reveal itself like a profound message(s).

When you are too worried about the tangible space, the strict patterns and whimsical additions are only a blemish. Surviving life with all the precious dreams withing, facing the daily challenges, the intrusions, and ferocity of a compromised reality is a valiant effort. A poet suffers while protecting the creative passion amidst various elements that already altered due to the urgency of a hasty world.

Poetry cannot lose its charm, literary importance, and allow the poet to cultivate its true essence. Hope, as a poet, to read work that is creative, effortlessly complex, metaphorically rich and intriguing. Darkness must not become so overpowering that it shadows the brilliance of creativity. Tame the darkness and play with it; enjoy the limitless ideas that can become an easy confluence with the light.


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