When Thoughts Fail

There are days I am not willing to share my thoughts

Like to be alone in a crowded scene and study every detail

After staring for some time, the silhouettes start acting

Reacting to the intense occurrences, as an individual

Trying to construct a separate world, and yet, connect

Comment on the popular topics of the day; political stirrings

Although the voices try to be apolitical- fear of ridicule

So many keen eyes, opposing voices, and tactical rivals

A handshake, pleasantries, fluent repartee- part of the plan

Makes everyone appear suave around the intrusive crowd

Perform, enhance the dialogue delivery, propagate

Those who take a different route, a stairway to success

Of its foundation, the principles, and protocols are blurry

Absolutists way toward the hallowed world of authority

Away from the majority, but altering their code of conduct

Suitable in so many ways to witness a coordinated spectacle

Why does the crowd show allegiance to those unknown ones?

Turns hysterical, hyper-critical, and brutal- against reason

It is an exhausting feeling while I watch the emerging chaos

My thoughts become insignificant and move away from me

I lose my train of thought and identity to a whimsical time

Only I can save myself if I walk away from all this soon

Head home, retire all the irascible thoughts and sleep

~ Amitav

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