How It Unfolds

Make them so weak, they become extremely violent! Most of the opinions are unjustifiable, and actions take place after the consent from suspicious sources. Surviving on the spurious thoughts is not a dream anymore; an existential norm. The impunity with which misdirected minds are attracted to fatal thoughts unsettles the individual, as well as, the entire ecosystem of existence.

Once a doubtful entrant, the expanding clout ensnares all. There are ingenious ways, numerous risky experimentations, in a controlled environment to study the ways to subjugate minds. There isn’t any time allowed to explore the innate and powerful senses of life, establish a harmonious relationship with the self and immediate environment. Everything possible space is compromised! The will that unwillingly turns to disastrous justifications transforms the mainstream narrative; heavily concocted, and given various potent platforms to coerce people.

There are endless examples of ‘false equivalence’, and from it arise some of the most shocking judgements that have long-lasting effects. Continuation of any argument, picking up that logic, the habit of arguing with impunity emboldens the mind to believe in those fallacious commentaries. First, a group is led to believe certain theories, with incentives, then they are allowed to publicize, with the influential efforts of disorganized and toxic minds. A freak show where people are attracted to the environment, imprisoned and compelled to take decisions. In such a decisive moment, the hysteria, there is little of the individual judgement and more of coercion and delusional choices.

A kind of superiority complex, cognitive bias, the idea of having won a decisive moment by influencing the crowd to act according to the perilous plans feels like a victory. The disturbing events that follow are celebrated over the crushing defeat of life. Most of the involuntary reactions reflect the absurdity of rejoicing destruction. Incendiary comments and its propagation become easy through the compromised medium of communications.

Normalisation, appropriation, legitimises the actions and such behavioural aberrations continue creating a troublesome environment. The entire ecosystem seems to be knotted along with the prevailing consciousness. So many versions are circulated to erase a few of the existing ideas that could have restored some kind of balance and healing in a devastated land. Peaceful propositions are violently defeated, mediocrity and anti-intellectualism are pushed down the throat. Languages are distorted, made conducive to speak the troublesome jargon. Thus, continue the narrative!


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