Disturbing Silence

People have been silent for a while

Tired from the incessant troubles

Only sighs and wailing can be heard

Shattering the deceitful silence

Children do not dream of the future

Puzzled with the grown-up woes

Holding their hands during upheavals

Here, for what the portent time brings

At the doorstep of fragile minds

Now, out in the open, a daunting sky

Surrounded by fear, inauspicious words

No more the songs pacify them

It is bizarre; incendiary remarks

Ruining the love, tranquillity, and homes

Laughing at the face of forewarnings

Risking everything- life’s simple dreams

Suddenly wishing a perilous change

Choosing to follow a hysterical path

Once, without fear and mindless desires

A gathering of wrecked souls- only remorse

This silence wipes off dreams and future

Facing inclement weather- old and young

Temptations followed by an ominous time

Even the horizon stares with evil eyes




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