Untimely Sunset

Losing the day too early amidst a chaotic tide

There is no time to gauge the moment and gaze beyond

Stricken with melancholy, the ill-gotten sentiments rule

Unseen sunlight in the clouds burn like trapped embers

The day loses momentum as offensive debates rage

Glaring reflections on tranquil rivers are harsh reminders

Clocks die down one being caught between flagrant time

Uncanny isolation by strange distances and lingering distrust

Fear of intruders visiting with a disguised intention

Day flickers with conspicuous fear and conspiracies

Growling belly of this earth erupts in frenzied echoes

Leaden life losing and loathing over listless days ahead

The fragments will be exploited, swept aside with disdain

Stories spill over from fearful storytellers- listeners stunned


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