A world gasping for the plight of human troubles

Everyone unsettled, every dream affected by turmoil

In solitude, I realise my deep connection with the world

Not defined by my boundaries, my ideologies

Also, shunning those unethical commentaries

Beliefs surviving on rhetorical speeches

Superstitiously stepping on the principles of the Universe

Only by man alone, the course of humanity undermined

Affected by indifference, intolerance, discrimination

More dangerous boundaries and toxic environment

Designed world of synthetic analysis and misinformation

Broken human chains; emotions devoid of kindness

Determined to valiantly destroy the harmony on nature

Dreams of surviving by holding their breath

Ask not, “What ails the Earth?

After manipulating the Earth with malignant elements


6 thoughts on “Gasping

      1. A lot of us have already been practicing sustainable living…I find that many neighbours/friends are looking to us/those to help them through this unprecedented time in history. Nature offers us sanctuary and many timely lessons, a theme you often visit in your beautiful words, Amitav!

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