Let’s Go Back

Now the days are slower, you often drift towards a comfortable past

Discuss it often, with overlapping memories, and repetitions

It feels good not to hear about the present for sometime

Travelling leisurely, without taking permission from the daily routine

Skipping the time table and ignoring the calendar blocks

For once, not reprimanded for being late, because there is nowhere to go

Life paused for a while, trying to understand the predicament

Switching off the news and discontinuing the newspapers

Visiting other times, when life feels more tolerable- in comparison of course

Different times had different challenges; of which there are many anecdotes

There is no appetite for overripe problems

Please tell more stories from the distant past

I won’t mind the missing links, the little incompleteness in life a mystery

For another time to ponder upon when I wish to escape the monotony


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