Dreams of Peace

Through the raging times, looking for peace

Willing to douse the fire that is uncontrollable

Rebels revel at the kind of a dystopian cure

Without watching the steps of wrathful time

Lingering sorrow and a frowning reality

Cruel reflections across the once placid waters

Distressed ripples distort the images of a world

Once again the space is devoid of consciousness

Raucous words devastate the faith of a few

Deep in the bosom of some, dreams still survive


4 thoughts on “Dreams of Peace

  1. Wonderful post, and the line “Raucous words devastate the faith of a few,” really struck a chord. It does not matter what is said, but as soon as it gets negative , divisive or abusive, I turn it off and ignore it. My piece will not be destroyed by those that do not have any.

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