Reflections of Isolated Thoughts

Everything is being pulled back with a taut wire; held in position and reflects a stifled look. Yes, suddenly all the objects have become us, sharing space, the woes, the desperation, broken dreams, setback, frustrations. How does it feel to stare at the objects, oppressed by their lifeless stare? There may be questions too, as some of our behavioural traits are embedded in them by the creators; the craftsmen. How solitude becomes so intense that humans start thinking beyond the objects? The roof seems to be pressing down on the dreams, the idea of freedom, albeit with a sarcasm. We never really knew what freedom meant; daily routine, the timetable precision of work, and returning to ourselves quite transformed in character; it is like another new character has been shaped and pushed in our life. As if dichotomy was not enough, here, multiple characters, based on different experiences and failures. How dreams are extinguished every day, only to be lit up with anger and dissatisfaction that a convoluted world threatens to impose on you. With so much rage spilling out on the street, flowing like demonic lava, so much human energy is expended on destruction. This sudden distancing, a kind of discrimination, rather than isolation from a natural threat, is being exploited to sneak in draconian ideologies. Now pristine dreams are mere folklore, described in fanciful metaphors, as the ‘shifting baseline’ syndrome is at its peak. What we could perceive or could have improvised on is lost in time. Failing memories, or the eagerness to hold on to the only institutionalised anomalies, have degraded the values of dreamers and dreaming. Decadent desires have taken over the psyche, causing mass hysteria and everyday battles; first, over trivial issues and then becoming more ominous. The accelerated lifestyle is throwing up mass-produced garbage that threatens the environment and quality of life across the globe. People’s idea of life intruded upon by invasive technology, turning it into a complex glitch in the matrix. Usurped by narcissists, the world is in a vacuum. In that vacuum, everyone is gasping for breath, fresh ideas, while most of them are fatally justifying the certain supremacist idea. The gene pool is in a quagmire of hyper rationalism and radical behaviour. It is condescending for humanity to acceppt a growing intolerant world where abuse is the mainstream language.


5 thoughts on “Reflections of Isolated Thoughts

      1. Thank you for asking! Yes we are taking the precautions, locked down, but trying to keep our spirits up in these testing times.
        I hope everyone is safe at your end. Stay safe please and take care!

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