Fury had the evil eye to destroy

Gathering itself, empowering with tremendous energy

The nature of the phenomenon is unfathomable

When humans claim to have witnessed everything

There is always a twist in the reality

Distorted; with it, extreme force to strangulate

The essence of life- plunder the settled nature

Probably, thinking of a transformation

A few hours of fury uproots confidence

Dreams, desires, and fallacies of every kind

Human nature looks different in shattered mirrors

Strained masks, shrunken confidence, fear in the eyes

The chilling sound of cries shatter the unsettled silence

Everything remains exposed to the scrutiny of Nature

Prayers without words; kneeling before a cloudy Heaven

Echoes drown in the heavy calmness- a miscalling

Insects, the smallest one, crawl out confidently

Leaving a trail on the muggy grounds, fearless

Croaking sounds, slithering and hissing; coiling ecosystem

Another world becomes actively hostile

A crawling underground breaks open the taboo

Frothy waters become insane and impatient

Also, it feels, that time can be still and kill

A strange paradoxical reality emerges

Entangled silence, residing within, depleted of vitality

All the eyes could not stare into the evil eye

Too intense; the early warnings break the resilience


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