It might be a prudent realisation that one can decide not to read the extraneous thoughts appearing in a string of sentences. Eyes have to adjust to the lengthy pointless meandering, then the mind will have to deal with the exaggerations and tiredness of a language. One can only become adept at a simple translation of a complex metaphor. When thoughts arise, they come with certain expectations; of being translated with integrity. Such thoughts have a magnanimous soul! It can become extremely obscure if they aren’t treated with precise emotions. It mostly occurs when there is an insatiable urge to borrow incessantly from the existing perspectives from a different era. Without sounding pretentious and fluently presenting them, someone else’s creativity with minor alterations, create an impression, albeit momentarily, of an impressive reflection on them, without much deliberation. The creativity of the highest nature need not carry a stretched narrative replete with tweaked metaphors and misinterpretations thereof. Only a minuscule portion of literary thoughts, the soul of someone’s creativity is brought to light after years of struggle. Still, with all the scholarly abilities, there will be unfulfilled voids. Sentences that give off a maximalist tone feel contrived to the reader. Why is it justified to gamble with the purity of creativity? Knowledge is deconstructed often, and there are newer dimensions and an unexplored world emerges. Without sounding sanctimonious, one can evoke an original stream of thought, without being too affected by what has been created earlier. Those treasures are priceless, they will survive the ages; that’s where their purity and eternity is, a writer’s highly original imaginations crafted with personal emotions; they are sacred.


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