In Vain

Attuned to the disharmonious process

Awake, while the earth sleeps still

Preparing for another journey to digress

Darkness has the willingness to kill

Lest the dreams speak out for freedom

Nothing alike in the thoughts of two

That’s a world waking without wisdom

Drifting apart, the souls won’t woo

Faltering language they can’t fathom

Time goes wild in an unfruitful chase

Precious feelings pay a heavy ransom

A rush to find the clues and erase

Unworthy, they ne’er again blossom

Swarthy morning looks in contempt

Hidden flame rages behind the cloud

A world falters at the fair attempt

Atone for the misdeeds of a crowd

In vain all the ties with life is slain

The twain shall wait for the rain


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