Uneasy Stirring

I have not surrendered to the collective daydream

Ceded this space of mine to the indistinct thoughts

Carved with passionate dreams, it remains untouched

Ignored the pestering calls of unknown passers by

Fervently throwing pamphlets at my doorstep

Composed with insanity, in an indecent language

That which they have gathered from errant conditioning

Minds have been snatched away; apogee of humiliation

Blustering voices try to intimidate the irate crowd

This can be the only intimate moment allowed now

Friendless gathering of suspicious souls- inevitable

Unfortunately, they had to abandon their dreams

The euphoria was too intoxication for them to resist

Onslaught on the consciousness are not subtle

Years of practice, indulgence, and ogre ambition

Repeatedly exploiting the world within a cranium

Shocking dissections with unholy hands

Enigmatic daydreams are an escape from the mania


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