It is impossible defining trust from a distance, from the words spelt put carefully, but still cannot be distinctly understood by the thorough intuition. Perhaps, that precious feeling is delirious under the circumstances it has to endure. What if trust is simulated in a grand way? There are shrewd ways to script the perfect emotions to fit the expectations. The longing for feelings can take the mind and heart away to a fantasy journey, stealthily moving away from the body; a loss that one cannot realise until the being feels that it is consumed by the void. Reality of life somehow surrenders to the highfalutin speeches composed by the concoction of wicked ink. That’s where life is robbed of time, the energy and identity. In fact, everything that one preciously wants to guard and experience for the rest of the journey is taken away. After losing an important part of the self, the missing portion is filled with that alternative and synthetic definition of trust- what an imbalanced way the being is expected to survive. Everything is allowed to collapse and then some concrete garbage is erected to cage the body; till death arrives and takes away the incomplete being to a place that had no beginning and has no end either. Life starts again, within a paradox! Genuinely, the existence is unreal, the reality of which is inexplicable forever. Whatever that we believe in or strongly trust is a non-secure world, an intense hologram.


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