Let’s dissociate from everything and allow myself the freedom to idle the mind. I want to interpret the hypocrisy that I have been dealing with. To be honest, I cannot arrive at an original thought if I engage with the craftiness of boisterous surrounding. I can spare my feelings from the ignominy of accepting the lies that are delivered every day through various mediums. The various passageways are nothing but an escape route. Embarrassing my intellect and stressing my soul to yield to the unrestrained demands takes away so much value from my life. Purpose is muddled with the silliest chores; I cannot keep track of my breathing and feel disappointed with the fact that life becomes more feeble. The eyes find it difficult to interpret the images that are breathing around me, like blurry reality, a fantasy, they appear and dissolve in an alternate reality. There are so many harmful objects, anthropocentric justifications to the stubbornly adopted actions. Why can’t I imagine anymore? The imaginations that give satisfaction to the mind and inspire my soul to guide me through a delightful journey. I cannot trust induced happiness! I shudder at the effort to annihilate the naturalness from life and rely on the decisions of unknown people to alienate myself from the emotions I treasure. Arguing with a loquacious group who are trying to dismantle my thought process. No way I can afford to arrive at a deal where I lose my freedom! Silence is my weapon to create an invisible wall, a formidable defence to safeguard my wisdom.


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