Simplicity brutally overthrows the haughtiness of demeaning ideas. They continue to ruin the better part of the thoughts, meddling with the mind, the most private of affairs. Claiming to be the most innocent visitor, they turn out to be destructive parasites. Insolent ideas are like barbs to impale the necessary words; it becomes a mission to malign the simplicity of emotions which have the potential to provide an invaluable perspective. Many such instances occur in life, at an early stage of development when naturalness of the mind is suppressed to distort it with absurd ideas. As if life is surrounded and restricted by a ridiculous boundary-probably, that is where we get into the habit of restricting natural thought processes and alienate those who still dream of carrying that innocence. Why ruin such character first and then establish a world full of chaos? It’s a consistent abuse of the intellect, well-planned by the malevolent minds (conditioned and seeded with the most threatening behaviour). Isn’t that the first step to push people into a depressive void? Words that become meaningless, relationships become fragile and strong emotions misdirected to make wild claims. To dream of nurturing the innocent minds, expecting them to blossom without being maligned is a nasty optimism. Who can break that tormenting chain of insults? The true essence of life is planned to be abolished to create a crowd of people who can obey and participate in conflicts. There are only residues of hate to consume the minds. Reasons are drowned in that ideological cesspool! Who can possibly win in such a brutal manner? Inflicting indirect wounds incarcerate the delinquent minds too.


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