Seated Uncomfortably

Seated, but the mind is unsettled

Flurry of thoughts, seriously neglected

Earlier, during the unspent days

They never went away- resilient characters

Time abused by premature human illusions

Unrestrained speculations among other worries

Unprepared mind caught in a battle

Edges of innate patters are frayed

No new association with the evolving life

As if carrying the old flawed images

In the dull eyes; can’t blame the judgement

Of which the entire world is afraid

The word engages in a primitive struggle

Warriors there are none, only cowards

Inviting everyone to a war of perceptions

Death of time is not the promise of an escape

Entangled in a critical misjudgement

Everyone looks at the altered reflection furtively

All lies! Poseurs out there to deceive you

Lifecycle of abuses encircle insanely

More timidity exposes the offensive characters

Those who choose to settle down peacefully

Denied by the turbulent world


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