Tired warriors try to conquer everything

Warring over the imaginary possessions

Created and destroyed, a stuggle against survival

Will to exist through troubled passages

There was always a better fate to find harmony

Time vanquished by heartless spirits, when light dwindles

Over so many dreams, of souls tirelessly waiting

In darkness, for the light to be more kindhearted

Woken up by barbaric advances, so many losses scattered

Where vernal landscapes could nurture life

Barren now, torched by rage, the scars of the lands

Never heals; fresh assaults of creatures of greed

Besmirched reflections roar against cosmic warnings

Unheeded premonitions impregnates the lethal clouds

Will be forced to kneel down, ask for forgiveness

Against a lifeless landscape, echoes of familiar voices

Carried from the belligerent times; the final assault


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