Uneasy Vision

The world is still free to test those feelings

Huddled in the darkness, escaped from trials

Through many challenges and broken resolve

Simply defeated by the crawling fear

Sleep enters life with ominous signs

Humiliated emotions suffer from weary conscience

No time to mend relationships

Any remorse settles in a grave pit

Diminished rays take away the ability to dream

Indigent soul stares at crumbling scenes

Once painted from devious imaginations

Objects of desire jostle impolitely

Malevolent sleep subdues time every moment


9 thoughts on “Uneasy Vision

      1. I miss your words on my site, too! What have I been up to? Practicing yoga, going on solo walks, writing/taking photos and making my way through this worldwide pandemic with endless cups of tea…I hope this note finds you happy and well in your world!

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      2. Tea is the elixir of life! I love drinking tea too. I am sorry I did not visit your site lately, but I I will visit now. Let the tranquil pace of life guide you from one destination to another, rest for a while and enjoy nature’s love.

        Liked by 1 person

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