Waiting for them to return

Staring curiously at the white spaces, a little twist by the restful fingers, trying to wake up the imaginations in the mind; urge them to wander, transcend the illusions. Sooner, there’s some rhythm in the fingers, words will follow too. The pen isn’t sure now, the insipid ink hopes to lure more passion. Quite exhilarating, the wandering of wild reflections, illumiming the dangerous curves, the jagged edges of villainous territory, a glimmer of beauty that’s not worldly, unblemished by the harshness. But the brashness of the wanderer noticed by the divine eyes, reflecting intense emotions towards an insolent wanderer.
The pages will be the ultimate destination to reign in the poet’s passion.
Twilight in a drunken state- the fine feelings are sophisticatedly eager
Allow them to be wild and bold, let the pages become a poet’s battlefield. Nothing to lose in this timeless world, yes, the words will have much deeper meaning. The spaces will be filled with an imaginary concert, of life’s numerous emotions, in harmony.
-Amitav Chowdhury

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