Intense Conflict

It was just yesterday, born from my imagination, a convenient one, snatched from a tomorrow; my greedy mind desired a grand reality. Even after repeated disintegration, the little particles had portions of soul, still breathing and struggling to survive the relentless battering by an artificial nature. If that’s what reality comprised of, the chances of being mislead towards a disheartening way of existence is evident. Shedding the unreality will be like a metamorphosis, but I hope it will ravenously feed on the negativity and transform that energy to something beautiful. An existence that will be delicate yet resilient to the evil intentions. Allowing them to burn the desires and dreams were a mistake, repeated throughout the unsettling existences of various predatory plans. Time destroyed them, but misinterpretations were transferred abundantly to continue the irrational progress. What an amateurish schema prepared and seeded in millions of minds, still continuing with that enthusiasm of destroying liberally. Libelous languages have evolved, manufactured in claustrophobic rooms stuffed with willing minds without conscience, to shut down the conscious beliefs.


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