Forces of Time

Since you were not eager to be awake at the crucial hour Time flowed like the lonely brook, changing its course Trough some rough terrains and cramped spaces Proof that Earth has been under immense pressure Suffering from a kind of malady, making it pallor You, wrapped in a mistaken identity, a snug fit I have been a smudged silhouette- flowing away with the brook … Continue reading Forces of Time

Working Against Reason

A spiraling descent, another moral breakdown Layers of dissent settled heavily on the fate of days Vanishing spaces where pains can be expressed Disciplines have been sullied by diabolical minds Emerging pattern that spreads like an untamed devil Panic in the eyes, fear of an unknown transmorgification Existence at the crossroads of slowed evolution Pulling the reigns away from the rising ineptitude ~Amitav Continue reading Working Against Reason